I am about to take you on a journey. The journey of how I went from a safe, conventional, risk free life to a life that was filled with bold, bright colors. And how this one little thing has been the key to my sanity for the past four years.

So, what is this transformational “thing” that is the foundation of how I am able to get through a day without “going off the deep end”, “throwing in the towel”, and/or  “shutting down shop”?

It is………my nails.

They are bright, they are bold, they are totally unconventional. And more often than not, have one nail that adds a little glitter. Yes, lately, I paint one nail different from all the rest. And often times it involves glitter.

More than that, I hope it will inspire and motivate you to think outside the box and find ways to add a little something to your life to help you on your life journey.

The Backgound Story

It all started in 2015 when I made the decision to care less (to stop altogether just isn’t in my DNA) about pleasing others, and doing what “I should do”. 

I quit my job and left a steady income. ?

I started a business from scratch. ?


I started painting my nails. Sometimes several times in the same week. ??‍♀️

Seems odd, right? All this stuff to get my business started, minimal income, and……….I spent time painting my nails. For no other reason than……., I could.

Not just your ordinary pale pinks. Because that would be what “I should do”.  Look professional Tara.  Look like a “business owner”.  Gain respect. Blah blah blah……

Nope, not gonna fall back into that rabbit hole. ??‍♀️

Instead, I went with turquoise, purple, hunter green, navy blue………unconventional was the name of the game ?

Again, there was no motive or hidden plan. I just found it to be relaxing and a way to get my mind off a “to do list” for 30 min.

Here is what I discovered………

A day in the life…..

Let me start by giving you a snapshot of my day……

I am a “hands-on” therapist. What does this entail? It means I spend many hours a day staring at my hands; using them to guide a movement, relieve a pain, or identify a problem. 

I am a writer. Well, let’s just say I type…….a lot. To say I am a “writer” would be somewhat of an insult to many of the writers I admire. But I digress ?

Back to my point.

When I am not looking at my hands as I treat a patient, I am staring at my hands pecking away on a keyboard.  So in other words, I am inadvertently…..paying more attention to my hands than the “average joe”.

Unknowingly, my colored nails were creating a feeling in me several times a day.

How “unconventional” keeps me motivated

And something AMAZING happened. Pecking on a keyboard to create “content” brought me a little sense of childlike joy.  Laying hands on my patients, gave me a sense of peace. And to be honest, a little bit of rebellion. Every time I saw my nails, I thought of myself as an artist, a creator, a “free spirit”. All of the qualities that I knew existed within me. Qualities, that make me a better writer, business owner, and frankly, a better human.

My bold choice of nail color helped me to push through tough times, excel in prosperous times, and let go……….. whenever necessary.

So it stuck, and it has stuck for almost 4 years.

So why do I tell you all this? Because it is my story. My journey of how I let go of the “I must”, “I should”, “I need to”. And added………. bright, bold, unconventional color (and sometimes a little glitter J) to my life and the lives around me.

Sure, I get the occasional side eye. And for those that are bold, the occasional, “why are your nails that color, do you have kids?” ? …..is that a compliment? ?

So, what does this have to do with you? I challenge you, add something bold, unconventional, something even childlike and see how this changes your outlook on your day.